Plasmids for the genetic manipulation of trypanosomes

We have developed sets of vectors for functional genomics in T. brucei, most are described, along withmethodology, in the two papers below. There is also a excel spreadsheet listing these and a few others available for downloading here web tryp vectors.xls. The sequences of the plasmids can be downloaded as a zip file hereplasmid If you use Gene Constructor Kit we can also email you a formatted GCK file of any of theplasmids. We have also made p2171, a vector for the expression in E. coli. p2171 is a derivative of pET15b.

All the plasmids use common restriction enzyme sites for orientating an ORF and and the restriction sitesare in the same frames in all the vectors so an ORF can be transferred from any one plasmid to any other.

Selected publications